Our Mission

Sports RevivalThe Sports Revival aims to illustrate Los Angeles City sports is reflected and supported by the culture of Los Angeles. We uniquely branch out to find a infinite spectrum of sports. The Sports Revival believes LA sports has inspired people to do great things in their lives, harboring non profit Los Angeles sports community leaders and coaches volunteering through sports in their community. Musicians and artists, from the streets to the record stores have played a part in the sports culture of Los Angeles. The Sports Revival is helping to show how there are other people in sports, voices that are not necessarily herd but are just as important and apart of what makes sports so impacting to humanity. Accolades in sports charity that are normally revered for professionals like helping the homeless, and building houses have been mirrored by local fans and teams. The Sports Revival will highlight upcoming student athletes along side aspiring amateurs and professionals. Providing sports coverage from unique angles focused around Los Angeles – arguably the Sports Mecca of the world – and the local sandlot stories of the human side of sports will also be featuring a comedic archive to add even more viewing content and pleasure. A live chatroom and a photography archive are coming soon and we encourage you to check back to Sports Revival for a unique Los Angeles sports culture experience.

Commentary by Zane Foley

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