Can Byron Scott Regain the Winning Culture?

lakersFrom the announce of the number 1 overall NFL pick to the recent 2014 ESPN Espys, the Los Angeles Lakers were the only team to remain without a coach. Well, pop the cork and get the champagne glasses out, it’s time to celebrate! It has been reported that the Los Angeles Lakers have made a contract offer to Byron Scott. Negotiations are taking place to determine what the contract will be worth and entail but Lakers fan can finally take a collective sigh of relief and know that one of their own will be leading the new regime.

Laker fans know it hasn’t been the ideal off-season, particularly after there was a strong belief by Lakers front office that they could acquire one of the high caliber free agents. Ok, Lebron James heading to Cleveland was a forgone conclusion right? but we still could land Carmelo Anthony, right? That idea evaporated just as fast as rain does in Southern California. In the midst of waiting the decisions of the two coveted free agents, Lance Stephenson, Luol Deng, Trevor Ariza, Chandler Parsons, and Isiah Thomas signed with their respected teams.

ScottJust when you thought it couldn’t get any worst, Pau Gasol elected to reject the Lakers offer, which was higher than any offer given, to move his talents to Chicago.  Pau wanted to have an opportunity to compete for a championship and believed that Chicago was close to getting there and his services could propel them over the top.  It was at this moment, where the proverbial light switch flicked off, and many laker fans stood in the dark, wondering how did it go so bad so quickly.

Laker fans, non Laker fans, do you believe Byron Scott can help bring back the winning culture Los Angeles? The championship culture that Los Angeles has relished in for many years that has touched the lives of so many Laker fan families. Leave a comment below.

Written by Dave Villa